JAC Business Services

User Groups

User Groups are very often run by a number of like-minded business people who have full-time jobs and volunteer to represent their companies on an organising committee.  As a small organisation, a User Group has a diverse range of administrative needs and are often run on a shoestring - both financially and time-wise.

Assisting User Groups is our speciality - we have the expertise, experience and resource to help in a number of ways:

  • Membership database management
  • Events planning and management
  • Website design and subsequent maintenance
  • Marketing materials
  • Mailings - both postal and electronic
  • Answering Member's queries
  • Membership accounts transaction processing
  • Participation in Committee Meetings, whether face to face, conference call or webinar

We are flexible with our approach and dovetail into your organisation as part of your team - our business is your business!