JAC Business Services

Who and Why?

Our clients range from people working on their own or just starting a new business through to larger organisations with multiple offices and departments.

Very often the most mundane day to day administrative tasks are left to mount up simply because you do not have the resource or manpower to tackle them.

Outsourcing administrative tasks frees your time allowing you to spend it doing what you know best: running your business.

Benefits of outsourcing administrative tasks:

  • No overheads of employing staff
  • You only pay for the hours we work
  • Modular services tailored to suit your needs
  • You create your own unique working partnership
  • Consistent personnel dealing with your work
  • No job too small or too big
  • Assistance given as and when you need it

With JAC Business Services, the formula works - we are able to provide referees for our professional services.